…thank you! eeeek!

http://www.cardchallenges.com/2015/01/challenge-inspiration-you.htmlOk, I’m going to try to be cool here, but I should tell you now, there is no way that is going to happen. I am too freaking excited!!!! 🙂

I tend to get excited about little things in life…the cool noise my washer makes, when my husband does the dishes, new post-it notes, etc. So you can just imagine the level of excitement I felt when I received a most fabulous email from the oh-so-delightful Susan R. Opel in regards to being a part of the My Favorite Things Challenge & Inspiration Team. Um, hello!!?? MFT makes super cool products!! Elation to a whole new level!! 🙂 Foremost, Susan is a genuinely kind, very funny and positive person. Susan is also the paper crafting world’s biggest cheerleader!!! MFT is clearly genius to have her on board…and I am just bursting with gratitude and enthusiasm to be there with her. 🙂 Pinch me!!!!

You’ll want to hop over there today because SRO is introducing (the fantastic) Veronica Zalis and myself…and here’s a lil’ peek: (look at those alphas!! Laina Lamb. Good stuff)

MFT_hawkins_jill_intro_01_WMIn case you missed my post last from last week, you can find it here…prepare…there is a lot of *!!!!!* there too (I can’t help it. 🙂 ).

Don’t forget to check out my MFT teamies: Veronica Zalis, Vera Yates, Alice Wertz, Erin Lee Schreiner, Miriam Prantner, and Susan R. Opel! Our shared love of crafty goodness is only the beginning of the fun we all have ahead…starting with sketches this Wednesday!

Here’s another fun card to get you thinking. I don’t really do flowers. I like them, I love what others do with them, but they don’t seem to like me. However, when I finished this card, I thought, “Gee, are these flowers?!”. Could be, right…? (or beach balls? lol). Either way, I enjoyed taking this bow tie and making it into something else.

hawkins_jill_jan 5_wmThis card is made with the following supplies by My Favorite Things: Photobooth (dies), Photobooth & BG Sweater Stitch (stamps), Kraft & Black Licorice (Hybrid Ink), Nightshift Blue, Sweet Tooth, Tangy Orange, Brown Paper Bag & Limelight (Card Stocks). ahhhhh MFT. 😉

hawkins_jill_jan 5_01_wmPrintjoin us! 🙂

Thanks for popping by! What a fun day! 🙂

Jill 🙂


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