Warning: Easily Distracted

Today is National Scrapbook Day! I am most definitely not a scrapbooker. I have never scrapped anything. Ever. But I am all about celebrating most any holiday, especially paper crafting ones! Ha! 🙂 Therefore, I am sharing this card I made with a special stamp set Technique Tuesday is offering for National Scrapbook Day! Click over HERE to learn the deets. 🙂

hawkins_jill_warming_wmThis sentiment could not be more true. LOL!! I have to be very steadfast about cleaning up my space or else this happens. Every. Time. 🙂hawkins_jill_warning_00_wmI adore this fun set! I have two more projects going on my desk with this set. Hopefully, I’ll wrap those up this weekend. I can tell I’ll need to hide this set for awhile. 😉

I used the following stamp set from Technique Tuesday: Paper Hoarders. I mean, the name of the set alone…I die/dye. All the above!  Haaaa!

Have a great weekend! Happy Scrapping to all those Scrapbookers out there!!

Jill 🙂

Instagram: jilldhawkins




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