Just Awesome

I could spend an entire day using  Neat & Tangled’s Hexastar Cover Plate! I always think I will trim it up and use it differently. And eventually I will, but I love to inlay it! So that’s what happens when I sit down to use it 🙂


I also used their awesome Awesome die. 🙂 Can you use the same adjective to describe the noun? Haaaaa! 🙂


This is a dark navy color and a bright flamingo pink. Quite spring like, and fitting for the most bazarro warm weather we have been having here this February! 😉

I’m joining in the Little Tangles Challenge by the skin of my teeth! Check it out HERE.

Also, my friend Miriam, who designed this Hexastar Cover plate I used above, designed more gems for Neat & Tangled that just released… THIS and THIS! So brilliant! Both are on my wish list, along with a dozen other things. Always, right?! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Jill 🙂

Instagram? jilldhawkins

2 thoughts on “Just Awesome

  1. It is Awesome!! I love the combination of red and black with that fantastic die! Its such a simple card, but with so much impact! Thank you so much for joining us at Little Tangles challenge!

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