Mail It Monday!

 Happy Mail It Monday everyone! Today, I thought I’d make a quick post to share the movement of mailing cards! By movement, I mean literally moving them from your desk to a loved one’s mailbox. ;). My crafty (and WAY talented) friend Kimberly Crawford started the fun on Instagram (find her HERE), and asked me to share a little tidbit about the bags I use to store/mail/etc. So, here I am! Kimberly is also having a GIVEAWAY!! Details below!: )

My favorite bags are these from the Container Store and are reasonably priced. They sell a few different sizes, so I’d recommend deciding what works best for YOU! I have a few of the medium ones and a couple larger ones. I use the larger ones for various things at home too. Big fan! They are really durable and I like that protect things from sprinkling rain or spilled water. (Ask me how I know… 😐 )

Here is a link to them below. I have never ordered online, but I imagine it’s a breeze. The Container Store is dangerously close to where I live. I try very hard to avoid it. 🙂 It MIGHT be my favorite store. 😉

Container Store Aqua Vinyl Mesh Pouches

I have purchased similar ones on Amazon before also and they have been great too. I think the blue one (below) is from Amazon? It’s been a long time…. I also believe I used to get them at the art supply store Utrecht and possibly Dick Blick, but don’t quote me on that. 🙂 Like I said, I use a lot of them so I’ve acquired them from different places over the years. 🙂

So what do I use them for right? Well, admittedly I love to send cards. However, let’s face it, life can be really cookoo busy. Often. I mostly send cards on the go! It is WAY more realistic for me to write one or three out while on the train, in waiting rooms, waiting in the car line, waiting at practice, etc.. You peeps know the drill. You wait. A lot. However, I almost look forward to it when I have my bag o’ cards and supplies ready to go. And it is always ready to go…sometimes more well stocked than other times, but ready nonetheless. 🙂

This is a tote bag I’ve had for years, and has just happened to become my “card mailing bag”. Everything fits in there, including the extra envelopes I just threw in to reload my other pouch. 😉

In one of the zipper pouches, I have all my postage stamps (I just restocked!), including international stamps. If the card is not addressed, stamped, and sealed before I leave wherever I am, it will not get mailed for days. I know that sounds pathetic, but I’m keeping it real. I just forget once I get home! ;(

Also, I have pens for addressing (Silver, White, and Sharpie) and pens for writing (one would suffice, but I have a pen “thing”. LOL!). I also have return address labels and washi for sealing the envelopes. Lately, I have been carrying these white cardstock panels. I often find I need a little “cushion” for mailing cards with bulk or embellies, and these work great for that. I sometimes write out a message on these panels and adhere inside a card later. Double duty! If I want to send a certain card to someone, I’ll write my message on this white panel and adhere it inside the card later! This has made those cards chances of mailing better too! (Note: I trim those panels about a quarter-inch in each dimension for ease!)

I generally have enough envelopes with me to mail each card twice. Haaaaa! I just never know what color I’ll want! And you know, just like patterned paper, you never have just the right one! LOL!

(Most of my envelopes have been acquired from Paper Source. They are headquartered in Chicago, so I always like to support them. And support them I do!  Haaaa! Plus, I have always loved their envelopes! And their cardstock, and their patterned papers, ….the list goes on and on! 😉 )

I use *Hello* labels and name badges for addressing packages/envelopes sometimes. It makes quick work of it…and it’s fun!

And, of course, my bag of cards! No matter how many cards I have mailed, there are always more to send! 😉

I hope sharing what I’ve learned gives you an idea or two! This on-the-go method has definitely made mailing manageable and enjoyable! 🙂

Be sure to follow Kimberly on Instagram HERE and use the hashtag #mailitmonday to spread the word! Also, Kimberly’s Blog HERE! 🙂 Kimberly will be having a GIVEAWAY for a few bags, so be sure to check it out on IG!! You can also follow me on Instagram HERE. 🙂

Spread some love! Even a scribbled note or quick doodle is fun to send and receive. 🙂 There are few simpler ways of brightening someone’s day than REAL mail from far and near! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by today! It turned into a crazy long post! BIG crafty Hugs to my friend Kimberly ❤  for including me in her fun! 🙂

Drop some mail in the post, friends!

Take care- Jill 🙂

Instagram: jilldhawkins

3 thoughts on “Mail It Monday!

  1. So many great ideas for getting happy mail out. I have a system but it isn’t near as good as yours. Wish we had a Paper Source in Canada–like those colourful envelopes so much! Need a Container Store too, geeze I need to just come visit you in Chicago. I’ve done the drive before! Thanks for the awesome post!

  2. Miriam Prantner says:

    You are so good! Love how organized you are AND that you’re following through with things, AND that your cards are getting used!

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