Bear Hugs!

Popping in tonight to share my little bears! I stitched four in one day. Holiday travel = stitching! It’s  fun like that. (I did some other top-secret stitching that I will share in the future as well. wink wink!)

My Mother-in-Law made two, and my son made one cutie! Such fun! This bear is the Essentials by Ellen Bear Hugs! I’m telling you, Julie Ebersole and her designs are trouble! As if I didn’t love this All Inside Bear and coordinating dies enough, this little guy then stole my crafty lil’ heart! 🙂The above four are the ones I made. I love the oatmeal one the best… or maybe the white one? Well, that Heathered PInk and Gray is pretty awesome too. Well, I love them all! 🙂

The two darker colored ones, my Mother-in-Law stitched up. She always makes things like this flawless. (Don’t look at mine too closely please. 🙂 ) My son stitched up the little blue one in the middle. His arm is a little wonky, but I did help him with those, so that is definitely on me. He said he liked it that way. ❤ So I left it.

And this little photo is just funny because they are all in a line up apparently!  Holding their little hearts while taking potential criminal photos? LOL.

Thanks for stopping by!

Take care! Jill 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Bear Hugs!


    Jill your little bears look as flawless as your Mother- in- laws so please be proud. They are all divine, yummy scrummy & the cute hearts totally filled up the cuteness factor, if you have time can I have a grey one with a purple heart as you’re in sewing mode lol. Thank you for sharing, I want the stamp & die set all the more now x

  2. Verna Angerhofer says:

    Wow! Such fine detail stitching on all of them. I am amazed as I know mine would have looked terrible. Those are so cute and adorable. What a fun and creative thing to design and I love that they are each holding a heart.

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