Wild About You

Good Morning!

I’m starting my day standing on an overcrowded train this morning, so here’s hoping the week gets better from here! 🙂

Last night I thought I’d make a quick card. Well, almost two hours later, I finished. 😂

But I wanted to use all these critters on this new Hello BluebirdJungle Littles” set. This set was a gift at our recent crafty weekend, and it is full of fun! ❤️

I stamped and masked away, and then colored everything with Copic Markers. My spacing on the ground critters could be a little better, but it’s ok. 😉 I like to call this a *one-off-layer* card (because of the card panel, it’s not a one layer 😉). I feel like with the advent of dies, I don’t make too many one layer cards anymore? And there’s no room for error when you do! 😬 Ha!!

I made this next card below while on said crafty weekend ;). I wasn’t on my home turf, so no stitching or too many extra details, but I adore this little sloth so much! ❤️ Eeeeep! So cute!

Again, I colored with Copic Markers and then fussy cut him out. I was gifted some twine and patterned paper from my friends Amy, Laurie, and Lisa–and those all worked out perfectly to add a lil’ something. 🙂 Thanks friends!

Well, I think that covers it all for now! Thank you again to Hello Bluebird for this sweet set. Be sure to check out them out HERE and all their cute sets! 🙂

Take care and have a great week!

Jill 🙂

Instagram: jilldhawkins

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