Fun Stamp Joy Exclusives! Now released…

This week is Stamp Joy at  Taylored Expressions! 🙂 Because of the current state of the universe, Stamp Joy has been taking place online. This is different, but also lovely because it means Stamp Joy is available to everyone who can join virtually (and if you sign up 😉 ). The next Stamp Joy is actually later this week. If you signed up a little while back, you know all about it. If you didn’t get to sign up for this one, keep your eyes open for details on the next. Will it be in person? Online? It’s hard to guess.

Anywho–point being, there are products that are gifted as part of one’s registration to Stamp Joy, and today, Taylored Expressions is releasing the previous Stamp Joy goodies for everyone to be able to purchase them…or maybe you wanted to get a set and gift it to a stamping friend? Now is the time. 🙂

For my card today, I used the Social Butterflies set. This set is simply delightful and I am looking forward to creating a card set with it! 🙂

I had to make two! 🙂

I especially love this textured stamp–I think this is fun to use on it’s own too!

And this next one, I simplified, but then decided to stitch the butterfly trails, complicating things. ha! I am not super skilled at stitching in whirley q’s.

And because I almost always have to use the Petite Scalloped Rectangle Stacklets, I used those here too. Naturally. 😉

But the stitched little trails are kind of a fun and different detail too. 🙂

These are so simple to create and all the options you can mix up so easily makes it that much better! 🙂

All these products are available now over at Taylored Expressions.

Both Social Butterflies Cards:

Find the TE Blog Post HERE with more crafty inspiration from the TE Creative Team! Certain to be fun and stuffed with great ideas!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Have a fun week and enjoy Stamp Joy if you are “going”! 🙂

Take care 🙂


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One thought on “Fun Stamp Joy Exclusives! Now released…

  1. Marisela Delgado says:

    Hola, Jill! Your cards are always so pretty! They’re just so darn cute! I love your beautiful butterflies. 💜 Warm hugs from San Antonio, Texas.

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