Birch Press Fun!

Happy Wednesday! I thought I’d pop in and share this card I made the other night. I have been eager to use this set I received in a gift exchange, and I’m so glad I finally did! Pink Trees!! 🙂

hawkins_jill_let-it-snow_00These stamps and dies are from Birch Press. My sweet friend Tracey McNeely, the troublemaker, introduced me to these products (and round-a-about gifted me these 😉 ) and they are FUN!! (I have another BP card & I’ll share below!) 🙂 hawkins_jill_let-it-snowThis set is called Let it Snow! And the coordinating die is the same name, HERE. It probably would have been beneficial to look at some examples before I dove in to use this set, but I think it turned out a-ok for the first go. I mean, pink trees! Right? ❤

This card below was made by borrrowing Tracey’s dies. I’m telling you, that girl is an enabler! Watch out 🙂

hawkins_jill_hello-bp_00 I mean: ❤ ❤ <3!! These dies stack and create these incredible cards so quick and easy. The hardest part is attaching them, which is made easier if you die cut it with some stick it, but then it’s harder to shift.  But phew! So cool!hawkins_jill_hello-bpI also borrowed this “Hello” die, to complete the card. Gah…I’m not sure if I can send this one!? 🙂 ❤ This is the Sevilla Layer die set from Birch Press! I love cover plates, and these are awesome. I die cut a bunch of stuff to assemble later. Whenever “later” is  :). Thanks for sharing these, Tracey! xo!

Thank you for stopping by, and for all the kind comments you have left here. Such warm fuzzies! 🙂

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